3rd Period 11:10 am to 12:00 pm


3A-  Reading (1st-2nd) Material Fee $10

In Reading, students will practice their reading skills with literature and informational text using Readers Workshop skills and strategies at their reading levels. This will also be supplemented with Words Their Way word sorts that can enhance their understanding of spelling patterns.

Teacher: Mrs. Raquel Martinez 

3C-  Read to Write (Incoming 3rd-4th) Material Fee $10

Students will use their creativity to read and write at their levels. New writing skills will be cultivated while existing ones will be enhanced. Real or imaginary experiences will be used to write relevant stories. Prewriting, drafts, peer revisions and editing techniques will be applied at each student’s own pace. Open discussions will be available between students to allow them to share their work and benefit from each other learning efforts. 

Teacher: Mrs. Naima Elfarissi

3D-  Mad Scientist (Incoming Kinder) Material Fee $25

Children can master anything when it is fun! In this class we will have hands-on science experiments. Students will explore magnetism, color changing flowers, swirling milk experiment, and much more! Come and join the fun! 

Teacher: Mrs. Marina Estrada

3F-  Digital Photography (Incoming 3rd-8th) Material Fee $25

In photography class we learn about the basics of photography like angles, zooms, backgrounds, subjects, and focus. If students have access to a digital camera, that is preferable to a phone or a tablet. If you do not have access to a digital camera, then a phone or tablet will work. We have photo challenges where we go for adventures looking for things to take pictures of and then use the basics that we learn in class.

Teacher: Mr. Jimi Hazen 

3G-  Tennis (Advanced)  Material Fee $10

Highest level of instruction specifically designed to help children reach their fullest potential on the court. Players will learn to compete and win through advanced strategy in singles and doubles. This class will build the confidence in each player's tennis game, through match play, while engaging in a wide variety of effective games and competitive situations.

Teacher: Mr. Daniel Rodriguez 

3K Crazy Crafts (Incoming 1st-2nd) Material Fee $25 

Children will enjoy learning and crafting to explore different crafts using recycled items for decorative wind chimes, fun with colors and tie dye, making simple jewelry, and so much more. The fun will last well past the summer with these fun crafts.

Teacher: Ms. Theresa Avila

3N-  Ms Robyn's Summer Sweat Showdown (Incoming 6th-8th Fitness Class) Material Fee $10

Students will experience a full-body workout that will help them build cardio endurance and strength while learning the importance of physical fitness and how it relates to their health. Each day we will begin with cardio to warm the body up, followed by some stretching.  Monday, Wednesday and Friday will be more cardio endurance-based. Tuesday and Thursday will be more strength-based. We will play fitness games and have fun, while getting fit! Every class will end with a 5-10 min restorative yoga flow to relax and restore their muscles and minds.

Materials Needed: Yoga mat and small weights (if available).

Teacher: Ms. Robyn

3P Photo Journalism (Incoming 7th-8th) 

Learn the power of storytelling through your own photography. This class allows the students to be free to tell any story they desire by creating images on their own. Each week will be its own self-contained project that will culminate in the student's original work presented to the class. By understanding narrative story-telling techniques, be them real or fictional stories, each student will craft a weekly story driven mostly by imagery. 

Material Needed: digital camera and ability to upload photographs. 

Teacher: Mr. Moore