1st Period 9:00 am to 9:50 am 

1A-     Math Blasters (Incoming 2nd & 3rd) Material Fee $15

Students will practice critical foundational math strategies to strengthen their computation skills as well as learning to explain to demonstrate mastery. Manipulatives are used where necessary. Instruction will be differentiated to help all students grow where they are ready! Assessments will be given to track growth!

Teacher: Mrs. Raquel Martinez 

1C-     Math Stars (Incoming 1st) Material Fee $15

Making math fun through direct activities and games. Students will improve in math computation through daily practice of addition, subtraction, sequencing, place value, measurement, telling time, using graphs and knowing three dimensional shapes.

Teacher: Mrs. Naima Elfarissi 

1D-    Book Club Fun (Incoming Kinder accepted to OLG) Material Fee $10

What is a Book Club? This is a class where we will read a story and have a craft immediately after the story! Each week we will focus on a different Author. We will read books from Mo Willems, Eric Carle, James Dean, and Dr. Seuss. Come ready to make crafts at Book Club and Fun!

Teacher: Mrs. Marina Estrada & Ms Elsa Pacheco

1E-  Logistics and Mechanics (Incoming 6th-8th/OLG Students ONLY) Material Fee $15

This course covers two main content areas: logic and grammar mechanics. The logic portion works with basic logic puzzles and some of the mathematical concepts related to statistics, probability, and chance along with other puzzles that appear on the Logic Quiz portion of the Jr. High Academic Decathlon (JHAD) competition. The grammar aspect focuses on the 8th Grade Common Core English standards, particularly grammar, syntax, structure, sentence types, etc which is the material that encompasses the English Individual Subject Test in the JHAD competition.

Teacher: Mr. Alejandro Santander

1F-   Coding (Incoming 6th-8th) Material Fee $15

We will use a couple different websites (mainly code.org, scratch.mit.edu) to learn about and practice our coding skills. Some of the basic concepts of coding that we will learn about are, sequences, loops, and events. We will create our own projects and by the end of the summer be able to share it with our friends and family.

Teacher: Mr Jimi Hazen

1G-    Tennis (Beginner Skills 1st-8th) Material Fee $10 

This is an introductory course teaching the fundamental skills of tennis. Focus includes: basic strokes; strategy; rules; scoring; etiquette; practice drills; singles and doubles play.

Teacher: Mr. Daniel Rodriguez

1N- Outdoor Fun and Games  (Incoming 1st - 3rd Grade)  Material Fee $10


Required Equipment: Athletic clothing and shoes 

Teacher: Coach George

1P- Jr. High Reading (Incoming 6th-8th)  Material Fee $15

Over the course of four weeks, students will read and respond (verbally and in writing) to a broad spectrum of literature.  From fiction & non-fiction to informational text to poetry to song lyrics to the news - the objective is to find joy in reading and inspire curiosity.  

Materials needed: One composition book, pens, pencils

Teacher: Mr. Jack Moore

1S-     Spanish Book Club (Incoming 4th-5th) Material Fee $15

The summer book club will be guided by El Chavo, bilingual books.  The book follows the life of Chavo who is the main character, a humble orphan child that lives in a barrel in the courtyard of a housing complex. In each book Chavo tries to do the right thing, but somehow it doesn’t work out. He spends the entire chapters trying to fix his mistakes and it always turns into crazy adventures.  

  • Students will learn new Spanish summer  and book vocabulary 
  • Students will utilize their imagination writing their personalized conclusion each day   
  • We will intergrade daily Spanish active learning activities  Lessons will be differentiated to student ability  

Teacher: Mr. Lomeli