2nd Period 9:55 am to 10:45 am

2A-  Reading (Incoming 1st) Material Fee $15

In Reading, students will practice their reading skills with literature and informational text using Readers Workshop skills and strategies at their reading levels. This will also be supplemented with Words Their Way word sorts that can enhance their understanding of spelling patterns.

Teacher: Mrs. Raquel Martinez 

2C-  Math Masters (Incoming 4th) Material Fee $15

Develop additional math skills. Have fun with numbers and develop confidence and speed. Weekly themes, applied activities and games will be used to acquire math skills, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, problem- solving, fractions, decimals, percentages, and others.

Teacher: Mrs. Naima Elfarissi

2D-  Adventure Time! (Incoming Kinder accepted to OLG) Material Fee $15

Come join the fun! we will go on a new adventure each week in the Month of July. We will explore the ocean, forest, safari, and the rainforest. The children will have fun learning about these different habitats with hands-on learning. They will create a coral reef museum and a camouflage lizard while learning about many more animals and their habitats! 

Teacher: Mrs. Marina Estrada & Ms Elsa Pacheco

2E-     Introduction to Algebra 1 (Incoming 6th-8th) Material Fee $15

This course covers the introductory topics of a standard high school algebra course. Topics covered include equations and inequalities, graphing, functions, systems of equations, zeros of polynomials, working with polynomials, and the quadratic formula. Students should be highly motivated and have a good grasp of and performance in their math course.

Teacher: Mr. Alejandro Santander

2F-  Digital Photography (Incoming 3rd-8th) Material Fee $25

In photography class we learn about the basics of photography like angles, zooms, backgrounds, subjects, and focus. If students have access to a digital camera, that is preferable to a phone or a tablet. If you do not have access to a digital camera, then a phone or tablet will work. We have photo challenges where we go for adventures looking for things to take pictures of and then use the basics that we learn in class.

Teacher: Mr. Jimi Hazen 

2G-  Tennis (2nd - 8th grade - Intermediate Skills) Material Fee $10

Intermediate tennis lessons are for tennis players that are caught right in the very middle of the beginner and advanced levels. Typically, these tennis players have taken tennis lessons in the past, have a basic knowledge of the game and display the enthusiasm to excel.

Teacher: Mr. Daniel Rodriguez

2L Discovering Amazing Artists (Incoming 6th-8th) Materials Fee: $50

In this art program students will establish self-confidence and will develop aesthetic judgement through analyzing and creating art. Students will explore and experiment with different elements of art (line, shape, color, texture, pattern, space, etc.) Students will evaluate the work of famous artists and will communicate responses to their art, like an art enthusiast. Additionally, students will recreate the works of the Great Masters themselves (Georgia O'Keeffe, Monet, Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso, etc.). Students will tie personal and cultural experiences with the art pieces they create giving them individuality. 

Teacher: Ms. Kostan

2N-  Ms Robyn's Summer Sweat Showdown (Incoming Kinder-2nd Fitness Class) Material Fee $10

Students will experience a full-body workout that will help them build cardio endurance and strength while learning the importance of physical fitness and how it relates to their health. Each day we will begin with cardio to warm the body up, followed by some stretching.  Monday, Wednesday and Friday will be more cardio endurance-based. Tuesday and Thursday will be more strength-based. We will play fitness games and have fun, while getting fit! Every class will end with a 5-10 min restorative yoga flow to relax and restore their muscles and minds.

Materials Needed: Yoga mat and small weights (if available).

Teacher: Ms. Robyn

2P-  Geography, Maps, Globes, and Compasses (Incoming 5th-8th)  Material Fee $15

Where is north?  Can I figure out the time by the position of the sun?  Where is Canada - from the perspective of someone in Senegal?  Over the course of four weeks learn to: read maps using longitude and latitude, discover the wonder of planet Earth’s countries, oceans, rivers, mountain ranges, lakes, and cities.  Course requirement: none. Material Needed: NONE

Teacher: Mr. Moore

2S-     Spanish Book Club  (6th - 8th) Material Fee $15

The summer book club will be guided by El Chavo, bilingual books.  The book follows the life of Chavo who is the main character, a humble orphan child that lives in a barrel in the courtyard of a housing complex. In each book Chavo tries to do the right thing, but somehow it doesn’t work out. He spends the entire chapters trying to fix his mistakes and it always turns into crazy adventures.  

  • Students will learn new Spanish summer  and book vocabulary 
  • Students will utilize their imagination writing their personalized conclusion each day   
  • We will intergrade daily Spanish active learning activities  Lessons will be differentiated to student ability  

Teacher: Mr. Lomeli